Twin Galaxies Removes Former Donkey Kong Champ Billy Mitchell’s High Scores

In 2007, he featured prominently in the documentary “King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters,” about the world of competitive arcade players who chase high scores. In the film. how the new owners of.

I was framed – Billy Mitchell dumps 156-page "evidence package" in attempt to prove his innocence. Kyle Orland – Sep 12, 2019 4:25 pm UTC Enlarge / Mitchell rides an oversized Donkey Kong machine in the Citrus Bowl parade.Competitive video gamer Billy Mitchell is threatening "legal recourse" against Guinness World Records and the Twin Galaxies…

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Billy Mitchell’s removal from the Twin Galaxies leaderboards was the outcome of a multiple-month long investigation into a dispute made by Jeremy Young over Mitchell’s Donkey Kong score of 1,068,800 points.

All of Mitchell’s records on Twin Galaxies, an organisation that tracks video game records and high scores, have been scrubbed. These marks included a 1,062,800-point score for the 1981 arcade game Donkey Kong, as well as scores set between 2005 and 2007. The news was announced in a statement earlier this morning.

king of kong billy mitchell’s donkey kong scores removed twin Galaxies published a post on Thursday explaining the research that led to the decision to remove Mitchell’s records.

On September 20, 2010, Wiebe regained the title of Donkey Kong champion, verified by Twin Galaxies through a DVD recording of play on August 30, 2010, with a score of 1,064,500 points. With the April, 2018 removal of Billy Mitchell’s score from its leaderboards, Twin Galaxies recognizes Weibe as the official first million-point record holder with this score.

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Former Donkey Kong Champ Billy Mitchell’s high scores removed – mxdwn Games After a lengthy arbitration process, Twin Galaxies, an organization that keeps track of video game world records, has decided to remove arcade game player Billy Mitchell’s high scores, deeming the scores to have been obtained from using an arcade emulator.

'With this ruling Twin Galaxies can no longer recognize Billy Mitchell as. already removed Mitchell's perfect Pac-Man run and highest score,

"King of Kong" champ Billy Mitchell, a former Hollywood resident who now lives in Weston, was officially stripped of his donkey kong world record and other high. twin galaxies administrative staff.