Microsoft’s releases holiday “Lite Brite” browser benchmark test

Microsofts releases holiday "Lite Brite" browser benchmark test (1). Online ad network reports growth for Surface tablets during holiday period (1).

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The IE blog reveals. The IE Holiday brite benchmark test shows how quickly a web browser can generate four holiday designs on the virtual Lite Brite board; Rudolph, a snowman, a Christmas tree and.

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Microsoft’s Internet Explorer team always celebrates the holidays with a new web browser benchmark site that has a seasonal theme. In 2011, it featured a snow filled-image called, naturally, "Let it Snow" and in 2012 it unleashed singing penguins on the Internet.

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 · The Internet Explorer team at Microsoft has released their annual holiday themed browser benchmark test, and this one is based on the classic Lite Brite toy with four seasonal images.

How did James Buchanan secure $1 million in mortgages on a $22K salary fervor shuttle: peg quilting Microsoft’s releases holiday “lite brite” browser benchmark test Microsoft unveils Holiday Lites Test to benchmark your. – Microsoft’s Internet explorer team brings the new themed browser benchmark.

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Lite Brite is the benchmark tool from Microsoft. It is designed to measure the performance of your browser by lighting up your screen with dozens of HTML, CSS and JavaScript features. When you start the test you will see a Lite-brite toy lighting up the logo of the browser.