Democrats: Still The Party Of Oppression

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The Democrat party has subtly changed the wording, but after all these years it is still crooning the same old racist tunes; updated and syncopated for 2014, of course. The Democrat party.

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Yes, Democrats are still responsible for slavery, Jim Crow, and the KKK I was listening to a guy talk about the unsavory history of American Democrats. An academic in the audience, also a Democrat, spoke up during the Q&A and castigated the speaker for suggesting modern Democrats are responsible for their party’s past.

It would be nice to think that Democrats, who were the party of segregation fifty years ago, have learned the evils of separating people by race, ethnicity, religion, etc., but they actually have not.

Republicans should be eager to have this discussion, because all of the facts show that the Democrats have always been the party of slavery, oppression, violence, divisive and deadly behaviour, segregation, and dishonesty. black americans need to be reintroduced to the Party that was founded to liberate our ancestors.

 · Are Democrats the Party of Science? Not Really. Until liberals truly embrace the spirit of scientific inquiry, they’ll never gain the upper hand in the policy debates of the Trump era.

In February, Democrats Wrap Up Black Amnesia Month. The Democratic party supported slavery from its inception in the 1830s until it split over the issue in 1860. In January 1865, 100 percent of House Republicans supported the 13th Amendment, which abolished slavery. Among those who voted, 78 percent of House Democrats opposed abolition. .

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Many Democratic consultants and party leaders are still stuck in the 80s and 90s. Scarred from decades of being hit as “tax-and-spend liberals” concerned about “amnesty, acid, and abortion,” these party stalwarts worry that the party might be on the wrong side of racial justice.

The white backlash to civil rights helped resurrect the Republican Party after the disastrous Goldwater campaign in 1964, and, over the last five decades, the Democratic Party has followed the.

But when it comes to scheduling off-cycle elections 1 like those taking place today, the Democratic Party is the champion of voter suppression. Indeed, few people will vote today.